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Furnace Maintenance in Cape Coral

Contingent on how old your furnace is or the previous time you had maintenance done on it, the colder months can bring a bit of fear to homeowners about whether their furnace will operate efficiently through the cold months. Instead of trusting your old furnace, put your faith in the professionals at Comfort Zone Inc to do proficient and problem-solving work on your home furnace. The colder months in Southwest Florida can often be irregular, so don’t be surprised with a cold home.

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Annual furnace maintenance is essential for the cleanliness, comfort and energy efficiency of any household. With our professionals at Comfort Zone Inc, we go futher than just repairing the problem – our goal is to guarantee that your home is the most comfortable place in Cape Coral. Our comprehensive and detailed maintenance visits include these different checks:

furnace maintenance improves airflow
Checking the cleanliness of burners and the heat exchanger: gaging the dependability of the heat exchanger certifies that the burners are clean and will remain working correctly – clean burners indicate a cleaner and safer home! Confirming proper airflow and blower operation: checking for appropriate airflow confirms that there aren’t any blocks in the furnace ducts that could deter its job.
Verifying operation of the furnace: our technicians check the controls and safety devices to confirm that the furnace is working safely within the home. Examining electrical components and connections: routine inspections should be done on the many electrical pieces of the furnace.

Comfort within the home means something a little different to every household, but our specialists at Comfort Zone Inc will evaluate your personal requests and ensure that they are met. Here are a few other advantages that proper, routine maintenance will provide to you and your home:


  • Keeps your home safe: all furnaces use some sort of fuel to produce heat. Testing your heat exchanger, gas burner and standardization of your gas valve are all part of the maintenance that keeps your home safe when your furnace is in use.
  • Maintains your furnace's efficiency: annual maintenance guarantees that your system is running at its best performance throughout the year, especially during the winter season.
  • Reduces changes of breakdowns: a broken furnace in the middle of winter is less than ideal – this breakdown scare can be easily prevented with routine maintenance from a Comfort Zone Inc expert to verify that everything is functioning as it should be.

Comfort, efficiency and reliability can be easily improved with annual furnace maintenance. Our team at Comfort Zone Inc knows the weather of Cape Coral and can give you invaluable insight and professional expertise on the condition of your furnace. Keep your system working smoothly all year long by calling Comfort Zone Inc at 239-214-0411 or setting up an appointment with us online.

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